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Why this blog?

Right now, whenever I catch myself drifting off into thoughts, they usually hover around these two topics.

1. The structure of the modern Advertising Agency is symbiotic to a mass media landscape. How much can the landscape change, before we need to go from evolution to a new kind of agency. I don’t have an answer to that yet. And nothing helps thinking like writing about it.

2. Creative ideas bend rules and surprise. That much seems to be reliably sure. But the advent of the information society has replaced th eenvironment that need to be messed with. And so a new role model of creativity emerges, beginning move from independent painter to interdependent programmer. A culture clash is going on. And that crash is creating a new creative class and culture that has not really been looked at yet.

A couple of books have shaped my thinking about this. One is Siegfried Kracauers look at the “Die Angestellten/The Employees”, written in 1930. An new kind of social Ethnography, that does not need Science to analyze the inner workings hopes, and motivations of a new class of people, that had not existed even 20 years before.

to be continued… e.g. with Richard Florida.

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