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The Curse of Nike

Drogba! Cannavaro! Rooney! Ribery! Ronaldo! Ronaldinho! These are – in order of appearance – the superstars of this year’s Nike world cup commercial. And those 3 minutes are the only place in the space time continuum they will rule this year. As of this Sunday, they are all out of the tournament! And we’re not even talking semifinals. Not only did those players not write history…  they actually left their pens at home. Some... Read More

The Worldcup, according to Twitter!

The Guardian has given us a beautful visualization-animation of the Twitter hum during the world cup games: Twitter Replay. While quite charming to watch, it also shows that live coverage might be a field of communication where Twitter gives us very little additional value: It’s basically the referees’s game report, pretyped by the multitude. No new insights seem to be trending here. Read More  Read More

Football for Hope: FIFA goes Social Advertising

In the dark ages before facebook, “Social Advertising” meant ads for good causes. The new FIFA campaign “Football for Hope”, that is flickering on stadium advertising screens during the world cup games in South Africa, is social in this old school sense. If the world hadn’t been vuvuzelaed into catatonic stupor, some among the tv-audience might even have googled it. What they would have found is a FIFA supported effort... Read More

Truth and Beauty.

A new Nike ad is revving people up for the World Cup. While it has some shoe porn in it, it is all about the truth that makes the World Cup the world’s greatest tournament: History will be made -- in a split second. Thanks, Nike. (There you go, Jim. Didn’t take 15 mins. for Nike to prove you right. :-)  Read More