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Gringo Spice

A New Take on Costa Rican Cuisine adds Socialweb Presence for La Cusinga. La Cusinga’s Chef David has returned from a trip to Panama, and that means that dinner at La Cusinga has become even more delicious. But that’s not the reason why David Mahler will feature more prominently on Ideas will travel next week. The true reason is that he is an important part of the lodges web presence. In his blog “Chef of the Jungle” he writes... Read More

Football for Hope: FIFA goes Social Advertising

In the dark ages before facebook, “Social Advertising” meant ads for good causes. The new FIFA campaign “Football for Hope”, that is flickering on stadium advertising screens during the world cup games in South Africa, is social in this old school sense. If the world hadn’t been vuvuzelaed into catatonic stupor, some among the tv-audience might even have googled it. What they would have found is a FIFA supported effort... Read More