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Social Business 1.0

Many of us are wondering what adding a social dimension to media and commerce will to do capitalism. Some say “not much”, while others, like Alex Bogusky and his COMMON troupe, think it could change many things. Consulting companies like The Dachis Group promise to help companies with the transformation of becoming a Social Businesses. The to-do list usually looks something like this: keep the dialogue with your customers going get ready... Read More

Design beats Advertising in a Social Media World.

Ideas will travel interview with Smart Design This fall I was lucky to be able to visit the headquarters of Smart Design in NYC. The global design firm is one of the recognized voices in the resurgence of design. Their iconic work features prominently in Gary Hustwit’s great documentary “Objectified” (Trailer here): a fascinating look at how designed things impact every second of our life. However, when I sat down with Smart Design’s... Read More

Why Facebook’s EdgeRank can make you invisible. And how to fight back.

Person or Brand – the Social Network’s algorithm now determines how relevant you are. Have you ever wondered who shows up in your Facebook TOP NEWS stream? And who does not? You probably felt that there’s a pattern behind it. You probably also felt you don’t have a clue what that pattern is. Facebook gave us a quick look at the math behind this, when they explained their EdgeRank algorithm at F8 developer conference in April.... Read More

Social Networks Save the Holiday.

Costa Rican eco-lodge uses social media to win new customers in difficult times. It’s been a difficult year for tourism. Travelling is one of the first things private households cut in years of financial hardship. In an ironic twist, marketing is what the travel industry cuts in response. But that isn’t even an option for small hotels who mostly depend on tourists being sent their way. Or, to be more precise, used to be dependent on that.... Read More

Millionaire attracted by Great Garbage Patch.

Hi there, readers of  ideaswilltravel.com. Most likely you are not reading IWT to make this world a better place. But we’ve all been a part of something big this year ;-) This summer IWT wrote about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, how it was dicovered in 1997, and how knowledge of its existence has only lately travelled into the public realm – via YouTube. Many more people on the web did similar things. And here we are! As of November... Read More