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Parnormal Activity in a Dark Cloverfield

Part 2 of: Marketing Hollywood. The movie industry has now joined the many many industries that are doubting the efficiency of traditional advertising. In search for more efficient pathways to attention, the big studios have been busy shaking up their marketing departments. Universal’s Adam Fogelson, started the trend of unconventional campaigns in 2007. Sue Knoll became president of marketing at Warner in 2008. Paramount’s head of marketing was... Read More

Advertising Hollywood

David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive contains one of my favourite movie scenes. The movie’s director and its producers are meeting their financial backers, and David Lynch creates a fantastic visual metaphor for the power struggle between art and money. I am going to follow Lynch’s advice here. Don’t describe it, if you can show it. It takes a lot of money to make movies. Quite necessarily this creates a certain nervousness... Read More