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Twitter Weekly

Sony, you're kidding, right? Or does new #PS3 motioncontroller come with a box to hide it in? And a dark cave on an invisble planet. Ugly! # wonders: whether all bloggers who call newspapers "dead tree media" would be ok being called "nuclear powered media" :-) # #socialmedia meet responsibilty on ideaswilltravel.com: "The Socialweb: Connecting you with your inner rapist." http://bit.ly/39UAi8 # Powered by Twitter... Read More

Twitter Weekly

@Nico next time, add vanilla shot. besänftigende wirkung von vanille wissenschaftlich nachgewiesen: in reply to Nico # Toni #Segarra today at BSCL: "There is no way back to simplicty in #advertising. And we should not want it either." # Everything you ever wanted to know about Apple #advertising, but were too lazy to search: http://bit.ly/zLRRx # Eine Welt ohne #Viralspots? Unmöglich? – Abwarten! sagt Ideaswilltravel :-) http://bit.ly/ZkPqZ... Read More

Twitter Weekly

OneShow reacts to DDB WWF 9/11 oversight. Will ban "fake ad" submitting ad agencies from 2010. Now at Ideaswilltravel: http://bit.ly/jOEJV # Fragst du dich manchmal: "Bist ich nun Teil der Cultural Industries? Oder der Creative Industries?" Die Wahrheit auf http://bit.ly/13vXrd # Powered by Twitter Tools  Read More

Twitter Weekly

saw this and smiled: http://bit.ly/utHPb # @barbaragruber ok. du bist schneller. :-) in reply to barbaragruber # What happens when ad guys think they are Steve Jobs? Now on http://bit.ly/3Ty1ea # @monic2001 Da will man nur mal kurz arbeiten vor der Bloglektüre, und schon ist es Abend. in reply to monic2001 # Neu auf IWT: Was kommt eigentlich raus wenn #Werbeagenturen den Job der Kunden gleich mitmachen – und Produkte erfinden? http://bit.ly/XC9N1... Read More

Das Design von Star Wars: Eine…

Das Design von Star Wars: Eine verbrauchte Zukunft! Interessanter komplizierter Artikel http://bit.ly/DUzGL Werweiß was ein Greeble ist? :-)  Read More

So! Blogs werden also nicht me…

So! Blogs werden also nicht mehr von Blogs verlinkt. Krise? Nö. Links werden jetzt getwittert. (http://bit.ly/XSLTa ) Hat jemand mehr Info?  Read More

Looks very nice. But the truth…

Looks very nice. But the truth behind it is totally frightening. http://brandstudio.ru/works/screensaver/ I might have bad dreams about this  Read More

Check out the original short f…

Check out the original short film from 2005 that was remade into a full feature: “Disctrict 9″. Last week’s #1 in the US http://bit.ly/waAAI  Read More

My quick&clever read for the w…

My quick&clever read for the weekend: Clay Shirky on the newspaper business model: Pooof! Also mentions middle ages :-) http://bit.ly/xZ3Sh.  Read More

What's the destiny of the #blo…

What’s the destiny of the #bloggermom? Fully controlled media channel or renegade blackmailer? :-) Forbes has latest: http://bit.ly/sxzVP  Read More

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