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Say Good-bye to Digital

The success story of digital agencies has been nothing but stunning over the last ten years. But the role they play is not for long. Just when we got used to the digital shop as a necessary part of the team, it’s time to say goodbye. To understand why the rise and fall of “digital” is a necessity, it helps to understand why “digital” was invented at all. It was – of course – a marketing tool Read More  Read More

Von der Masse geküsst: Ideen per Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing ist hip. Zuerst mal weil’s geht. Ohne Web 2.0 bräuchte man über die smoothe Verteilung von Miniaufträgen in die Wolke der Bereitstehenden gar nicht zu reden. Zum zweiten ist Crowdsourcing aber auch philosophisch spannend – denn wie wir aus “Wisdom of the Crowds” gelernt haben, gibt es eine ganze Menge Fälle, in der 100 Leute von der Straße zusammen weit besser Bescheid wissen als ein ausgewiesener Experte. Und... Read More

Advertising included.

Imagine… you were still watching television. Do you remember a single cool ad for the iPhone? One that you just have to tell your friends about? An emotional 60 second spot you just have to give a Gold Lion in Cannes? The iPhone barely needed any creative advertising, because the perfect ad was built in: By an innovation obsessed CEO. By excellence in craft & design. By an emotion-causing brand. The advertising was so simple, bar any creative... Read More