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Say Good-bye to Digital

The success story of digital agencies has been nothing but stunning over the last ten years. But the role they play is not for long. Just when we got used to the digital shop as a necessary part of the team, it’s time to say goodbye. To understand why the rise and fall of “digital” is a necessity, it helps to understand why “digital” was invented at... Read More

Von der Masse geküsst: Ideen per Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing ist hip. Zuerst mal weil’s geht. Ohne Web 2.0 bräuchte man über die smoothe Verteilung von Miniaufträgen in die Wolke der Bereitstehenden gar nicht zu reden. Zum zweiten ist Crowdsourcing aber auch philosophisch spannend – denn wie wir aus “Wisdom of the Crowds” gelernt haben, gibt es eine ganze Menge Fälle, in der 100 Leute von der Straße... Read More

Let the spending soar. The Battle of Keynes vs. Hayek.

Take away the political showboating and petty tax schemes and Capitalism boils down to two ideas -- embraced in battle. Hayek vs. Keynes; Govt. bashing vs. Govt. spending. Looking at their philosophies duking it out in this rap video -- I’ll be rolling with Keynes. Limo!  Read More

Microsoft moves ahead, introduces the internet of things.

Via giagantor.com  Read More

People may drop food. But they hold on to the rules.

Nice example of data visualization. I like it especially, because it  plays with the social norms and ideas that travel through a community. “Did anyone see you?” If this were a little less tongue-in-cheek, a chart for US would definitely need to mention the 5-second-rule, which dominates the American rule system on eating from the ground. Hollywood even made an entire... Read More

TV-Ads killed the Late-Night Star.

Seit Harald Schmidt 1995 damit begann, am späten Abend Gäste vorzuführen, gibt es Late Night Television ja auch in Deutschland. Aber 15 Jahre Schmidt sind nichts im Vergleich zur Tradition von NBCs Tonight Show, die seit 1954 ununterbrochen das Ende des Fernsehabends in den USA einläutet. © Washington Post Umso fassungsloser schaut die medieninteressierte Bevölkerung der USA... Read More

Wenn Stromkonzerne die Wahrheit sagen.

Na, woran erinnert uns das niedliche Maskottchen der Stromfirma eprimo? eprimo denkt an deinen Geldbeutel. Read More  Read More

Welcome to the Success Lottery! A short review of Gladwell’s “Outliers”.

In his new book “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell debunks the common belief that being a hard working genius is all it takes to be exceptionally successful. Looking into fields as diverse as Canadian (Ice) Hockey, M&A Lawyers in NYC, and PC Tycoons – he discovers two things: (1) Yes, it takes about 10.000 hours of practice to become good at anything. If you’re... Read More

Honestly Annoying

“For twenty years, we made Pizza that tasted like cardboard. We’re sorry, but until now, Domino’s really didn’t care, er… know.” (Actual Employee) If this kind of statement makes you pick up the phone and ask for instant delivery of the “new recipe” pizza, then you might be exactly the person that Crispin, Porter + Bogusky had in mind... Read More

Die 10 viralsten Videos von 2009

Eigentlich darf man Viralvideo ja gar nicht mehr sagen. Weil ja alles inzwischen so viral ist, wie Zucker süß oder ZDF langweilig. Aber wenn die neue Medienwelt schon wieder mit Regeln anfängt, dann darf man sie natürlich auch brechen. Übrigens: nicht das jetzt jemand denkt, da kämen gleich die erfolgreichsten Videos auf YouTube. Die gehören Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga und Lady... Read More