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About Mario

Mario Gamper has a healthy obsession with communication and media that change the relationships beween people and their world.

While still in high school, he was a Co-founder of the first High-School Television program in his State. After dabbling in advertising as a Junior Copywriter at Ogilvy, a much more solid foundation for this fascination was laid by his studies in General Rhetorik in Tübingen (Germany). At Tübringen, he created the first Internet Magazine of the University – the Agora. A scholarship brought him to the University of Miami, where Film Studies and Screenwriting lead to great learning and some short films scripts that hopefully never resurface. “Nazula. Nazi Vampires in Miami Beach” being one of the better ones.

After returning, Mario Gamper joined the young agency Dornier, Wetzel, von Büren in München. After two years and the first advertising awards, he moved to Berlin in 2001 and joined Scholz & Friends Berlin. Probably one of the best ideas he had so far. In 2006, having just won his second ADC Gold Medal, he decided to give up his post as Creative Director and Unit Head and start all over again. With one desk in a drafty corridor, he started the new Interactive Department for Scholz & Friends in Berlin. Soon, the office got a little bigger. Today, he is probably trying to help create an ad agency that does not need the word digital anymore.

If you want to give advice or ask for some, you’ll find him on twitter @ideaswilltravel

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  1. That zombie-nazi script sounds like it was just 10 years early… Ref. Inglourious Basterds and the award-winning Dead Snow (Død Snø)

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