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Social Business 1.0

Many of us are wondering what adding a social dimension to media and commerce will to do capitalism. Some say “not much”, while others, like Alex Bogusky and his COMMON troupe, think it could change many things.

Consulting companies like The Dachis Group promise to help companies with the transformation of becoming a Social Businesses. The to-do list usually looks something like this:

  • keep the dialogue with your customers going
  • get ready to customize to your clients needs
  • be transparent about your ways of production
  • consider the impact on your community

While recently walking through the maze of an older New Delhi neighborhood, I couldn’t help but think that that’s pretty much the standard there already.

Obviously, we can’t just scale everything back to a neighborhood store. But the connection that these storeowners had with their community felt very much like the social dimension so many businesses are looking for on Facebook and Twitter.

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