Too Many Crosshairs

Theoretically, targeted ads are a beautiful thing. If I only see ads that are relevant to me, then I might actually welcome them and see them as a valuable part of my media experience. Theoretically, targeted ads are also more valuable than ads targeted to an audience aggregate. In a perfect world, this will allow digital media companies to scale back the avalanche of shitty little punk ads they currently hurl at us. So, theoretically, I like targeted ads. However, when targeting... Read More

Social Business 1.0

Many of us are wondering what adding a social dimension to media and commerce will to do capitalism. Some say “not much”, while others, like Alex Bogusky and his COMMON troupe, think it could change many things. Consulting companies like The Dachis Group promise to help companies with the transformation of becoming a Social Businesses. The to-do list usually looks something like this: keep the dialogue with your customers going get ready to customize to your clients... Read More

Advertising is lazy

Interview with Johnny Vulkan, Anomaly. If an agency names itself Anomaly, it forces a burden of proof on itself that wouldn’t be there, had it just picked a bunch of initials. However, Johnny Vulkan, one of the founders of the New York marketing outfit, doesn’t look like he’s about to crumble under the pressure: “We don’t think of ourselves as an advertising agency.” he insists. Strange words from an company that just took home the Outdoor Grand... Read More