7 Reasons why Apple Ads will be Better in 2011

It almost hurts to say it. But the 2010 iPad campaign is the most boring, washing powder style piece of consumer communication that Apple has done – ever. Not only is it one endless product demo. It also features happy couch potato people devoid of even the slightest detectable edge.

After restarting the brand with the “Crazy Ones” (1998) Apple marketing has now reached the other end of the arc.

“Here’s to the lazy ones! The sofa people. The big butts on a small pillow.”

This campaign violates everything that made me love Apple since I bought my first PowerBook Duo 230 in 1993. It makes me squirm, and it makes Apple look like General Mills.

But there is hope.

Here are 7 reasons why Apple commercials will become better this year. And while they probably won’t be like “1984″, they surely won’t be as bad as 2010.

1. No buzz-worthy new products

It seems that for the first time in years, the product line will feature mostly upgrades on the hardware side. iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPod Nano 7. Remember the free-of-charge otherwordly iPad buzz of early 2010? That won’t happen this year. While maturing products are great for us… Apple won’t be able to do another round of “Introducing. The iSomething.” It will need some glamour.

2. The Creatives at TBWA/Chiat/Day

Imagine hiring the best storytelling creatives in the world, and then asking them to come up with a 2 minute product demo. Again. And again. Eventually they will snap and present Steve Jobs with such a barrage of fantastic ideas, that he just can’t help but pick one.

3. By now, everybody knows how to touch

Apple proved in 2003 that smart and complicated need not be the same thing – at least for phones. Ever since, the competition has been playing catchup. And they are getting close. Despite raging interface IP wars, Samsung, HTC, HP, Blackberry, Motorola, Dell, Asus are turning fingertouch interfaces into a mainstream feature. With more and more comparable gadgets out there, just showing how the iPad or iPhone works, will no longer be enough of a differentiation.

History never lies. Remember the first iPod campaign?

No. You’re thinking about the second one. Here is the first one.

Before the silhouette dancers became icons, Apple was explaining how the iPod worked. This is where we are with the iPad now!

4. The Windows Phone 7 Spending Tsunami

Despite the fact that Microsoft hast lost the battle for smartphone dominance, Apple nevertheless has to take one on the chin by Windows Phone 7. Late to the show – as usual – Microsoft still has enough cash to flood the TV market. They spent 500 Mio USD on the launch of Windows Phone! And they will have to keep spending, or else become completely irrelevant. Guess what the ads are showing. Happy average people, swiping away. Apple will have to style-up.

5. The mighty Android

In 2010 Google’s Android OS overtook Apples iOS. In the next 3-4 years, it will become the world’s leading mobile OS. Already, Android devices can pretty much do what an iPhone/iPad can do, and just as smoothly.

What should give Apple even more thought, is that Google is starting to release innovations on Android first. Like the new 3D enabled Google Maps that also works offline. That’s a full-on usablity advantage. This should make the guys in Cupertino nervous. And the Apple ads better.

6. Steve Jobs must be bored

Over the years, Steve Jobs has briefed, influenced and signed off many memorable ad campaigns. However, Apple has not come up with an iconic campaign since 2006 (Mac vs. PC). It’s time Steve, isn’t it.

Here is a small collection of great Apple ads.

1984, “1984″

1998, Think Different

1999, HAL

2003, iPod Silhouettes

2006, PC vs. Mac

7. Because I put it on my Christmas list.

Happy 2011.

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