Creativity is now a Mix of Science and Art.

We used to be able to make pretty ads all by ourselves. But as the borderline between digital and traditional advertising is disappearing, so is the possibility of doing commercials as an individual sport. Thus, when I recently met Creative Director Juan Morales from SapientNitro in their Miami Beach office, I was curious about their creative culture. They seem to have found a way to use technology to surprise – and even bring forth a chuckle. SapientNitro’s award... Read More

Suddenly, we can see Sustainability!

Boulder Digital Works is a new school for digital creatives. Fostering radical collaboration is one of it’s mottos. Still, I was surprised to find out that they are hosting an event for a Nut Butter company that seeks to radically improve its squeeze pack. World’s most famous ex-adman Alex Bogusky opened the summit with a list of issues that will radically influence brand communication. He compared them to the invisible Gorilla in the well-know experiment on perceptional... Read More

American Express and the Rebirth of the Patron

Soul superstar John Legend said something memorable about his recent partnership with American Express on the “unstaged” series on YouTube/Vevo: “It was a relief to not have to worry about how well the songs would do on the radio.” (AdWeek 2010) In an ironic twist, Branded Entertainment seems to have created a space of artistic liberty that stands in fundamental opposition to the day-to-day economic burdens of a platinum selling star. John Legend’s... Read More