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Facebook & The Gift of Attention

All over the web, there is growing irritation with the amount of time people spend on social web sites like Facebook or Twitter. “Web’s ultimate timesink” is one of the nicer descriptions. Suggestions of getting back to productivity usually follow. The irritation is correct. The cure may be wrong. What is happening is nothing less than epochal. The time we spent for interactions considering our personal ROI seems to be radically decreasing. Instead, people are... Read More

Miami Ad School: “Don’t be an advertiser. Be a Pop Culture Engineer.”

Interview with Miami Ad School President Pippa Seichrist For more than a decade, the Miami Ad School (Portfolio School) has been one of the most influential institutions for the ad industry. No other portfolio school has brought forth more award winners. One could even argue, that Miami’s ad industry would never have supported a Crispin Porter + Bogusky without the steady flow of MAS graduates. So when I sat down with the schools president Pippa Seichrist, I wondered what... Read More

Finally, receipts are exciting – as a medium

Who would have thought that Miami Beach is a place for serendipity. I recently met with my friend Birame for lunch. Birame is one of the most creative people I know, but you will never see her in an ad agency. Because she does not invent commercials, she invents businesses. A couple of years ago she launched Musicphone. One of the first music sending and recognition services for cellphones. Eventually, Musicphone was sold. I knew she had been working on a new idea ever since,... Read More