How PETA creates an internet hit. For DODGE!

W&K just made a rather lame promotion-spot for the Dodge Tent Event. Random Dodge cars zig and zag across the screen, until a self-aware and slightly bored announcer says sth. like this: “This event could not be more amazing. Oh wait. There is a monkey.” On cue, a monkey in an Evel Knievel suits walks in and ignites a confetti bomb. But not for long. PETA, the powerful animal rights group, quickly let Dodge know how much torture they could inflict, and... Read More

The Ingredients of Joy

How São Paulo’s Mixer combines a bag of skills to create entertaining stories for brands. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a TV production company that picked up Cannes Lions year after year. Over 40 of them. But they did not keep doing it happily ever after. Why? Ask João Daniel Tikhomiroff, owner and president of then fabled and now defunct Jodaf production, and he mentions two events: BMW coming out with “The Hire” in 2001, and quite counterintuitively,... Read More

Social Networks Save the Holiday.

Costa Rican eco-lodge uses social media to win new customers in difficult times. It’s been a difficult year for tourism. Travelling is one of the first things private households cut in years of financial hardship. In an ironic twist, marketing is what the travel industry cuts in response. But that isn’t even an option for small hotels who mostly depend on tourists being sent their way. Or, to be more precise, used to be dependent on that. The relationship to various... Read More