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The trouble with community journalism

In Alexandra Township, the work of media trainees is valuable, but not bankable. As part of the Ideas Will Travel project, I was allowed to spend some days with Siyakhona Africa in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Siyakhona is a joint CSR project by FIFA, Sony, and streetfootballworld to create communal education and providing media training to young South Africans from poor neighborhoods. The Worldcup provided a perfect kickoff opportunity for the project. It offered the double support... Read More

Gringo Spice

A New Take on Costa Rican Cuisine adds Socialweb Presence for La Cusinga. La Cusinga’s Chef David has returned from a trip to Panama, and that means that dinner at La Cusinga has become even more delicious. But that’s not the reason why David Mahler will feature more prominently on Ideas will travel next week. The true reason is that he is an important part of the lodges web presence. In his blog “Chef of the Jungle” he writes about his general philosophy... Read More