The Naked Creative

For the last decade, Naked Communications has been one the few successful attempts to do the adman’s job in a slightly different way. The reward: receiving bling like “Agency Of The Year” a couple of times and being able to go global with blue chip clients. But even for guys who moved early, the present changes in the industry create pressures to keep moving.

That’s why Naked London hired Creative Director Jim Thornton, who did some pretty nifty and original work at Mother and Leo Burnett, to set up an edgy little creative department. And that’s why I talked to Designer Lorenzo Frutta to see why a young creative would go to Naked, a place that’s first and foremost known for strategy.

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  1. K. Spacey says:

    Isn’t that the young buck I stared with in Beyond the Sea – The Bobby Darin Story?

    Way to go and nice earring.


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