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People may drop food. But they hold on to the rules.

Nice example of data visualization. I like it especially, because it  plays with the social norms and ideas that travel through a community. “Did anyone see you?” If this were a little less tongue-in-cheek, a chart for US would definitely need to mention the 5-second-rule, which dominates the American rule system on eating from the ground. Hollywood even made an entire animated movie based on the deadly danger of eating anything that’s been on the floor for over 5 seconds: It’s called “Osmosis Jones” and it features an egg-munching Bill Murray and the voices of Chris Rock (white blod cell) and Lawrence Fishburne (virus). Germany, by the way, does not know the 5-second-rule. If I remember my childhood correctly, I mastered a complex matrix of floor condition and food type – all without the help or knowledge of my parents of course. Strawberry jam on carpet? Never. Buttered (but folded) pretzel on hardwood flooring? Absolutely! It would be interesting to see what the real chart looked like for other countries. Or for people who’s parents had better vision.

Via Flowingdata.com. Complete Post at: http://flowingdata.com/2010/01/22/dropped-food-should-you-eat-it/

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