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Twitter Weekly

  • "I have a list of 25.000 people, ready to take their pants off in a subway." Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere @… http://bit.ly/6bvtQY #
  • Print isn't dying. It's just reincarnating. (Finally, someone imagined web content without the banner melee.) http://bit.ly/6jQ2sI #
  • According to the "Consumer Internet Barometer" 0,0% of men say they use Twitter for fun. Absolutely! They probably… http://bit.ly/7u8u7s #
  • Miami and creative people. A difficult love affair :-) http://bit.ly/7zgzZb #
  • The BEST advertising interns in the world! They're almost good enough to be hired by CPB. http://bit.ly/8JQedp #
  • So, wissen die Crispins nicht mehr wohin mit ihren Praktikanten? Rrumms! Sonderplatzierung: http://www.pleasehire.us/ #
  • Disposable iPhone App of the week? Mono turns you into Unicorn. Just what you need on a Saturday night :-) http://www.mono-1.com/younicorn/ #

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One Response to “Twitter Weekly”
  1. Jeremy says:

    My take on Improv Everywhere is that they’re mostly harmless, but they may have been misused in psychological warfare or harassment campaigns – and most of the participants wouldn’t even know.


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