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Die 10 viralsten Videos von 2009

Eigentlich darf man Viralvideo ja gar nicht mehr sagen. Weil ja alles inzwischen so viral ist, wie Zucker süß oder ZDF langweilig. Aber wenn die neue Medienwelt schon wieder mit Regeln anfängt, dann darf man sie natürlich auch brechen. Übrigens: nicht das jetzt jemand denkt, da kämen gleich die erfolgreichsten Videos auf YouTube. Die gehören Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga und Lady Gaga. Und das allerwichtigste Video auf YouTube fehlt auch: Iran, Teheran. Wounded Girl Dying. Aber... Read More

Ian Tate has seen the future.

Because nothing beats a list: Here is his list of the 10 things that will happen in advertising in 2010. I like the Andriod one, and the newfound love of small campaigns. But that’s like going for a penalty kick against a 2nd grader. The rest is a bit too intentionally hazy but nevertheless instructive. Take a look at the google doc presentation.  Read More

Twitter Weekly

"I have a list of 25.000 people, ready to take their pants off in a subway." Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere @… http://bit.ly/6bvtQY # Print isn't dying. It's just reincarnating. (Finally, someone imagined web content without the banner melee.) http://bit.ly/6jQ2sI # According to the "Consumer Internet Barometer" 0,0% of men say they use Twitter for fun. Absolutely! They probably… http://bit.ly/7u8u7s # Miami and creative people. A difficult... Read More

"It's not funny until someone else is laughing."

Yesterday, I totally lucked out. First, I walked across Spring Street to look at the menu of “Bread” and was NOT run over, because the driver of a van had superhuman reflexes. Then I receieved an email that I had a seat on swissmiss’ CreativeMorning in Brooklyn – with guest speaker Charlie Todd. By now, 20 million people have watched his “Frozen Grand Central”, a public performance so inspiring that even the marketing department at T-Mobile... Read More

Truth revealed. Twitter is serious.

According to the “Consumer Internet Barometer” 0,0% of men say they use Twitter for fun. Right. They probably also use their PS3 to do their homework.  http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1007193  Read More

Taking Miami to the Next Level

At the beginning of 2008, smack in the middle of America’s largest recession in over a gazillion years, two young entrepreneurs decided to create a new kind of work environment for the local Miami creative community. Being the digital natives they are, they didn’t just guess what people needed, they polled. Alison Wadsworth, one of the two founders, created and sent out questionnaires to the members of refresh miami, the leading local tech network. Asking for opinions... Read More

Twitter Weekly

Great article via RT @talikrakowsky: Smart cities will speak the language of things. Advertisers need to speak it too: http://bit.ly/6c2dAj # there is something on the posterous tab now. but it should really be on the wall. hmm? http://bit.ly/8ASjc4 # Meine Vorhersage: Auf Regen folgt Sonnenschein! http://bit.ly/7dCcKi # "Millionaire attracted by Garbage Patch." Ideaswilltravel.com looks at how eco story is packaged for new media world: http://bit.ly/614ujP # Hey #Staticbook-Friends.... Read More

Adidas makes Germany replay its football history.

Wahnsinn! Part manga insanity part cool board game. The Adidas Microsite for the new German National Team Jerseys.Production value from outer space – or the northern end of Sweden. Agency: North Kingdom. Go check it out. http://bit.ly/8gbxEk Posted via email from Mario’s posterous  Read More

Millionaire attracted by Great Garbage Patch.

Hi there, readers of  ideaswilltravel.com. Most likely you are not reading IWT to make this world a better place. But we’ve all been a part of something big this year ;-) This summer IWT wrote about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, how it was dicovered in 1997, and how knowledge of its existence has only lately travelled into the public realm – via YouTube. Many more people on the web did similar things. And here we are! As of November 17th 2009, The Garbage Patch... Read More