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Twitter Weekly

  • Matt Ross, Head of Creative at Tribal DDB: "We are now inventors. We bring creativity and technology together." #CRCAT #
  • Anders Gustafsson of CPB Europe "Oh no! We have to do a Facebook campaign? But then we started thinking of Facebook as a database." #CRCAT #
  • Discussion at #CAT. Why is Sweden so successful in interactive space? 1. Success breeds success. 2. Swedes like to collaborate. #
  • adam greenfield at #cat. networked urbanism: remaking the city from a collection of bricks into a communicating fabric #
  • hands shaking from insane conference coffee at #cat london. #
  • Razorfish sort of knows it all. Not so much a fantastic read. Much more a Vademecum you don't leave home without. http://feed.razorfish.com/ #

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