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The adman's bucket list. Is yours ready?

LemonadeA while ago, I co-ran a little website that asked the question where the 40plus-year olds in advertising have gone. Obviously, I was 39. :-) I was expecting to receive eye witness material about a secret copywriter graveyard. I was convinced that one morning, we would just getup and slowly walk there to die, because our instincts told us to. Then, from time to time, researches and scientists would come by and stare -- awestruck -- at thousands and thousands of whiter than white admen ribcages.

Turned out, my imagination was off. Way. We received lots of responses. Mostly expressing a newfound happiness in work: from Goldsmith to Philosopher, from Floral Designer to Journalist. Seems they weren’t lying. Lemonade, a new documentary from Writer Erik Proulx and Director Marc Colucci follows a handful of the more than 70.000 advertising professionals who got laid off in the current recession. While the selection of people smells of sensationalism, the truth is… Martin Sorell might be right and the glory days shan’t come back (he euphemizes it an L-shaped recession, meaning: Big down. No up)

So get out the Montblanc and scribble your adman’s bucket list into the Moleskine, while you sip that Starbucks Latte. What’s your second Plan A? Could you really do it? What happens, if you’re no longer the hottest shit on earth?

Reality has strapped a rocket pack on the back of this question, hit the start button, and jammed it. Some will enjoy the view. Be one of them.

Preview found on Swissmiss.

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