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Twitter Weekly

Daffys does a live cinema ad and spreads fun AND truth: Bargain stores make you buy more. And: you'll look like a fool. http://bit.ly/1PlTHn # @rome_viharo Like the #DAFFYS dancers! Charming as soon as it goes overboard. Thats also the part the audience loves :-) Is this a one off? in reply to rome_viharo # Beautiful deconstruction of a building – and the idea of weight :-) http://bit.ly/AvDqH found on: todayandtomorrow.net/ # The 'epic battle' between Microsoft,... Read More

The internet accumulates ruins. Geocities closes today.

I had a Geocities account once. I never used it. I had a presence at XOOM -- and that had been Fortunecities or something like that before. Both died years ago. Today Yahoo shut the doors on Geocities. A pioneer in giving free webspace to people. A fantastic dotcom success. An equally fantastic bust. And now the object of nostalgia.  Read More

Twitter Weekly

Creative agencies have no clue about the future. Media agencies do. Says the head of Omnicom Media. He's half right :-) http://bit.ly/33T9XW # Can an idea travel too far? IWT looks at one that might change our planet. http://bit.ly/2T9UYG # Powered by Twitter Tools  Read More

When ideas go too far.

Can ideas become too powerful? Can they become so far travelelled, so tested, that they withstand any assault, be it from reason and truth even? That was surely the goal and promise of the first idea theorists, the Greek sophists. Notoriously summed up in the statement by Gorgias that he could win any argument -- right or wrong. 2500 years later, humanity is battling an idea with powers that Gorgias would have tipped his hat to. This idea, too, has been captured in a perfect... Read More

Twitter Weekly

Hat heute Medienkontakt mit 609345893 Buchstaben gehabt; blendet aber die meisten aus. (Buchstaben Overflow) # Every adman now officially needs a bucket list. Is your's ready? http://www.lemonademovie.com/ RT @swissmiss # Study says top advertising creatives bill clients 750$/hour. If that buys an idea that can sell e.g. US cars – bargain! http://bit.ly/3N5Q2L # Consumer generated headlines for #McDonald's billboard #advertising campaign. Judgment day for copwriters?... Read More

The adman's bucket list. Is yours ready?

A while ago, I co-ran a little website that asked the question where the 40plus-year olds in advertising have gone. Obviously, I was 39. :-) I was expecting to receive eye witness material about a secret copywriter graveyard. I was convinced that one morning, we would just getup and slowly walk there to die, because our instincts told us to. Then, from time to time, researches and scientists would come by and stare – awestruck – at thousands and thousands of whiter... Read More

Consumer Generated Headlines. The end of someone else's dayjob?

If you’ve ever wondered how it feels when thousands and thousands of people read your headline… don’t write for this blog :-) go to Kansas City. To advertise it’s new Angus Burger, McDonald’s is running a digital billboard campaign by that lets regular burger fans become advertising superstars – for a minute or two. The headlines are recorded on a website honorangus.com and then used to update the headlines on the digital billboard screens.... Read More

Twitter Weekly

How to look at the future of #advertising without being scared. RG/A don't even flinch. http://bit.ly/10dRu RT @BBHLabs # ist verwundert und denkt über die neuen Töne der Webjournalisten nach. Hat die Revolution ne Midlife-crisis? http://bit.ly/jHD3l # Powered by Twitter Tools  Read More

How to look at the future of advertising without being scared.

RG/A deliver one calm -- and optimistic -- analysis of why reinventing the ad agency business model has become so urgent in 2009. “More has happened in the last 9 months to disrupt the advertising business, than has happened in the last 9 years.” says Robert Greenberg. He describes last year as a “perfect storm” -- where an dramatic economic crisis combined forces with the digital media revolution. And indeed, this perfect storm shook most agencies to the... Read More