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A different kind of Apple. Human!

The Apple Store

It is architecture without weight. Without flaws. But the alien spaceship that used to be the Apple Store on New York’s 5th Avenue has been hacked. By a kid. Nicholi White (nicholifavs) is using the Apple Computer’s inbuilt multimedia capabilites to record little live videos where he lipsyncs and dances to iTunes songs. After doing this for a couple of weeks and posting it on the net, his little idea has travelled from the cold fringes of his YouTube channel to the white heat of Big Media coverage: on Good Morning America!

Teenager lipsyncing videos aren’t exactly a rare breed. What’s so special about this one? It’s giving Apple a human face, and a young one on top. Despite my fanboy adoration for Steve Jobs and his unrelenting drive for perfect products, there are few things more disturbing than seeing Apple’s How-To-Videos being presented by a Steve-Jobs-Clone. I sometimes wondered whether the Apple had not only shed its rainbow logo colors, but also it’s rainbow heart. Dressing all customer reps up in a Steve Jobs uniform had made the company look more like 1984 than they could ever wish for.

And then, all of a sudden, this kid climbs on the stage that it has built for itself, and blows that perfectionist cast to pieces. Oh how easily this machine becomes fun! Despite him being pretty open about wanting to be “the next youtube star”, the videos are sweet and real in a way that CP&Bs “I’m a PC” campaign would kill for. So please, someone tell me this is advertising. Because that agency would have gotten it right.

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