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Advertising included.

Imagine… you were still watching television. Do you remember a single cool ad for the iPhone? One that you just have to tell your friends about? An emotional 60 second spot you just have to give a Gold Lion in Cannes? The iPhone barely needed any creative advertising, because the perfect ad was built in: By an innovation obsessed CEO. By excellence in craft & design. By an emotion-causing brand. The advertising was so simple, bar any creative surplus, that a monthlong... Read More

Das Design von Star Wars: Eine…

Das Design von Star Wars: Eine verbrauchte Zukunft! Interessanter komplizierter Artikel http://bit.ly/DUzGL Werweiß was ein Greeble ist? :-)  Read More

So! Blogs werden also nicht me…

So! Blogs werden also nicht mehr von Blogs verlinkt. Krise? Nö. Links werden jetzt getwittert. (http://bit.ly/XSLTa ) Hat jemand mehr Info?  Read More

Enemies of crap.

“The frightening and most difficult thing about being what somebody calls a creative person, is that you have absolutely no idea where any of your thoughts come from, really. And especially, you don’t have any idea, where they are going to come from tomorrow.” (Famous Ad Guy) True that. Art & Copy is a documentary about the people who started the creative revolution in US advertising in the 1960s: Lee Clow, Dan Wieden, Mary Wells, Hal Riney, to name some.... Read More

Looks very nice. But the truth…

Looks very nice. But the truth behind it is totally frightening. http://brandstudio.ru/works/screensaver/ I might have bad dreams about this  Read More

A different kind of Apple. Human!

It is architecture without weight. Without flaws. But the alien spaceship that used to be the Apple Store on New York’s 5th Avenue has been hacked. By a kid. Nicholi White (nicholifavs) is using the Apple Computer’s inbuilt multimedia capabilites to record little live videos where he lipsyncs and dances to iTunes songs. After doing this for a couple of weeks and posting it on the net, his little idea has travelled from the cold fringes of his YouTube channel to the... Read More

Check out the original short f…

Check out the original short film from 2005 that was remade into a full feature: “Disctrict 9″. Last week’s #1 in the US http://bit.ly/waAAI  Read More

Das Versailles des Journalismus.

Seit ich vor drei Jahren meinen Fernseher bei der Altmediensammelstelle abgegeben habe, fehlt in meinem Leben ein wichtiger Moment: sich morgens um 02.30 die Augen reiben, und fragen ob der Film das jetzt wert war. Neulich habe ich leichtsinnigerweise einen DVBT-Stick an meinen Mac geflanscht, und blieb sofort an einer 6-stündigen Verfilmung der französischen Revolution hängen. Dabei habe ich zwei aufrüttelnde Erfahrungen gemacht: Erstens, daß es komisch ist, wenn Klaus Maria... Read More

If all intellectual capital will be given away for free, what kind of capital is it?

Chris Anderson: Free. Illuminating little discussion on Chris Anderson’s book “Free”. Starring Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker (http://bit.ly/YImSk), and Seth Godin (http://bit.ly/36hobf) and a very pragmatic Joseph Ferrara (http://bit.ly/o75nQ) on their blogs. Obvisously, the idea remains controversial. I have always been wary of “The future will be exactly like this” books. I spent to much time of my life waiting for handheld laser guns and antigrav... Read More

Neu im Regal: Diedrichsen. Eigenblutdoping

Interessanter Essay zu den  Möglichkeiten persönlicher Entwicklung: Jenseits der Alternativen von Weiterkommen und im Kreis gehen – mit dem bürgerlichen Bildungsroman auf der einen und der 68er Batikromantik findet auf der anderen Seite, findet Diedrichsen ein Drittes. Den Loop. Wer sich im Loop befindet kommt nicht voran, und entwickelt seine Erfahrungsmöglichkeiten dennoch weiter. Lesenswert nicht nur für Fans von Minimal Music, bzw. Minimal Techno.  Read More